Advanced production equipment and professional technical team

Abbott Enterijeri company has advanced production equipment and professional technical team. Our production process capabilities involve various materials as : wood, MDF, chipboard, laminate, iron, stainless steel, acrylic, upholstery, and other materials.

We proud of the fact that we are able to take client's project from idea to realization while being in full control of every aspect of manufacture, production, installation and design of interior.

Production of furniture is based in Sabac, the town located about 75 km away from Belgrade.

Production & Distribution

How is everything manufactured

Our production includes the following facilities: Carpentry, Locksmith, Vacuum press, Painting of elements, Upholstery department and Laser processing. This way of organization gives us wide possibilities in the production process, which involves working with different materials such as wood, mediapan, univer, laminate, iron, stainless steel, aluminum, clippers, furniture mats / eco leather / leather (upholstery) and other materials.

We have cooperated with dozens of well – known brands at home and abroad that cover famous consumer brands, sport brands, apparel & IT brands etc.

Also we have professional installation and distribution team that has great experience in the retail space installation field and can provide efficient, flexible, high-quality and reliable installation services in various cities in the country and abroad.